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What Students Say about Chairside Dental Academy

Jenna M.“Chairside is a great learning institution with friendly instructors and a motivating atmosphere.”
--Jenah M.

Jenna M.“The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful, I would recommend Chairside to anyone who is interested in becoming a dental assistant!”
--Chelsea K.

“The Chairside Dental Assisting program is worth every penny. You can walk off the street and in 10 weeks you'll have all the basics down and be ready to find a job.”
--S. Edrich

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and feel confident to apply for a dental assistant position... I would 'highly' recommend this program to others. I'll miss coming to class.”
--T. Temple

“Fun, motivating environment. Great 'hands on' training to make you more prepared for a clinical setting.”
--S. Ames

“I thought the course was great. The hands-on experience allowed me to grasp concepts better.”
--J. Newsome

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